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Whether you have one, two or 5 children, one thing is for sure – in order for your child and yourself to live a somewhat pleasant cohesive existence there is a need for some form of Structure or Routine. With the help of Education Professionals we have your guide to setting up a routine for your child – as well as a FREE DOWNLOADABLE PLANNER to help you and your child plan out the week!


So Why is a Routine important for children?

Routine for your children could mean a multitude of things, but most importantly it provides a sense of security and predictability – giving your child a sense of confidence (in particular for those children sensitive to change).

At a younger age, repetition is key! Implementing a routine early allows your child to know what is expected of them on a day to day basis and work towards learning to complete the tasks that are set for them. This does not mean it is too late to implement a routine, children are creatures of habit and thrive when they know what is expected of them so don’t let that stop you!


What routine is good for your child?

It is important to understand that each child and parent/family is different so no set routine can be applied to all.

Some children are better suited to less structure, while others thrive with a completely structured day. It is also disruptive to place unreasonable expectations on both yourself and your child with your implemented routine – make sure it works for everyone. Personalise it to suit you and your family’s needs, the routine is meant to act as a guide/help in setting expectations, not as a rigid timeline for your child.


Back to School – How does a routine help your child?

Whether it be first year or fourth year at school, the homework, assignments and reading time allocated to your child from school can seem overwhelming both to your child and to yourself as a parent – how do you fit all of this into the daily grind?

A school/study routine does a few things;

  • It sets clear expectations of the week (at the beginning of the week) so they know what is coming and expected of them (and this is written down for the whole family – so if you are busy or out someone else can step in)
  • Organisation and knowing what is ahead of them allows your child to manage those feelings of being overwhelmed, nervous, the unknown and;
  • You are teaching your child time management (an important life skill).

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What factors and tips are helpful when planning a routine?

As mentioned previously – make sure the routine is personalised for each child and family, ensure the expectations are clear and try to make sure the routine allows flexibility for unexpected events.

Some other considerations for your planner;

  • Always include some “free time” for your child to do something they enjoy throughout the days
  • Ensure your routine is easy to understand/read and is somewhere they can easily access and refer to.
  • If your child is visual – consider stickers or pictures to help your child read their plan. Its always helpful when your planner looks appealing for your child/your child’s room
  • Include non-usual time; ie library days, sports days, music, language, uniform washing days


Happy Planning!!

The IA Hardware Team

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A little about our educational expert;

Tania has been in early learning education for over 18 years, she has a passion for early literacy and language in the Catholic Education System. A mother of 3 little ones herself, she very well knows and appreciates the importance of routine in her and her children’s lives!

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