DIY Lego Storage and Table Hack


Turn your kids table/desk into a temporary LEGO play area over the school holidays!

As that time of the term looms over us all, we are now faced as parents trying to figure out How, What, When and Who? What are we going to do with our kids – with some COVID restrictions still in place and winter keeping our energetic little ones inside.. some serious inspiration is needed!

Here is one cost effective hack, that will keep them busy for more than 15 minutes when inside, with an expansive play area – a temporary LEGO kids table with storage – off the floor so your bare feet are safe from the dreaded feeling of stepping on one of those tiny LEGO pieces.

Being a mum of a little boy and many nephews, I have had the pleasure of applying this hack more than once!

What you will need for this cost effective/tool free hack

(NOTE: the board and container sizes best suited for our Kids Table and Stool - available on our website);

 IKEA Trofast Tubs


(20 x 30 x 10cm – Best Size for Kids Table)


 LEGO/Kmart Base Plates - DIY Lego Kids Table


 TROFAST Rails - DIY LEGO Kids Table
  • Superglue (Gorilla Quick Dry)
  • LEGO Pieces
  • Weights or something heavy to hold down the LEGO base pieces
  • Piece of 3mm timber/ply from Bunnings, cut to 71cm x 51cm


    STEP 1 – The Storage

    • Take your 4 TROFAST Rails (if you don’t have any from a TROFAST storage solution, you can ask the IKEA spare parts desk, they usually have these available) and your heavy duty double sided tape.
    • Cut the rails to fit from the front of the desk to the support rail
    • Measure the tape to the rails and cut the tape in half (length wise) so it fits evenly on the rail and attach 

      the tape to the rail
    • Slide the rails onto each side of the tub so it sits horizontally and remove the tape then stick the empty tub 

      with the rails onto the underside of the table. Do this on either end of the table. Hold down for 30 seconds.

                          TROFAST Rails - DIY LEGO Kids Table TROFAST Storage - DIY LEGO Kids Table

      DIY LEGO Kids Table     


      STEP 2 – The Play Area

      • Take your timber board (This one is from Bunnings, they will cut to size for you on the spot) and lay flat. Line up your LEGO/Kmart base plates, ready to be super glued.

      LEGO Board - DIY LEGO Kids Desk

      • One at a time, glue the base plates onto the board, ensuring the plates line up by placing LEGO pieces on the joints (tip – ensure glue on the corners and edges of the base plates)

      LEGO Board - DIY LEGO Kids Desk

      • Add weights and let the glue dry

      LEGO Board - DIY LEGO Kids Table


      Fill your tubs with LEGO and your Lego table is now ready to use – the 6 base plates fit perfectly between the pencil holders (allowing you to store any longer/Larger or easily accessible pieces (ie for the hard to find pieces or LEGO men), leaving spare space at the back to display any pieces you don’t want to break but don’t want to pack away either.


      DIY LEGO Kids Table

      Happy Holidays!

      The IA Hardware Team


      Thanks for the inspiration from @the.handymans.daughter


      DIY LEGO Kids Table



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