5 tricks and tips to working from home effectively!

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While returning to working the office is already here for some, many of us are still at home navigating the work from home day. Some of us have nailed working from home (you have your routine, table set up, goals set each day and manage to stay away from the dreaded TV or other distractions) while others still find it difficult to maintain concentration and be productive!

We have asked our friends at Beneco for key tips that those of us working from home should be considering.

 1. Work Area

Ensure you have an area where you can go to that separates you from you from distraction, whether it be family, technology or anything else in the house try to find a space where you can concentrate. Something with a view out the window, good lighting and not too cluttered.


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Often the default is to grab a seat at the dining table, but your chair and table height may not be optimal for ergonomics (The Occupational Health Professionals at Beneco recommend against working at dining tables – see why further below). Is your monitor at eye length (for laptops do you have a laptop stand and an external mouse and keyboard)? Are your feet flat to the ground and elbows comfortably sitting at 90 degrees?


The elbow angle is important in ensuring your shoulders are down and relaxed, ignoring this small detail will lead to tension head aches and avoidable upper limb and neck pains.

“Investing in an ergonomic task chair and desk is highly recommended and will often facilitate a positive working posture. Just ensure that the chair can be adjusted correctly (whereby the base and backrest is independent as pictured below). It’s not only an investment in your health, its one which is likely to be tax deductable!”

 Joseph Squadrito – Principal B.App.Sc (Ex&SpSc) ESSAM AEP (Beneco)

2. Keep a Schedule

It is really important to ensure you are sticking with a schedule or a routine – don’t wake up and walk straight over to your workspace in your pyjamas. Keep to what you would normally do before work, whether it be exercise, showering, getting dressed, breakfast; ensure you have a consistent morning routine.


Make a checklist of what you need to achieve during the day, plan your lunches so you are not straying or ordering UBER eats because it is convenient, time block your day to ensure it is productive – all things to help you keep on track.


3. Stay Connected

Working at home without the social interaction of an office can at times take it's toll on you. Ensure you are speaking to colleagues, whether it be via Skype meeting, phone call, group chat or an in office meeting once a week. Try to ensure not all of your conversation is work related – it's human nature to connect and converse so ensure you are allowing some time to talk to someone about how their day is and what is going on in your life.


Establishing a buddy system within your workplace is a great way to do this. The concept is simple, buzz a colleague and speak for 5 to 10 minutes about anything but work.


4. Make sure you have set Boundaries and stick to them

As mentioned in point 1 – designate a set working area. Find a space you can fit a desk if you don’t have one. Our Adults table is a flat pack tool free option that you can assemble and disassemble in less than a few minutes and can fit under the bed if its something you don’t want out permanently. 

Avoid Dining Tables - We often advise against this, they are never against walls creating trip hazards with your chord; workstations on a dining table are also super temporary (cleared each night) which means that the ergonomic set up differs each day and can be incorrect.”

Joseph Squadrito – Principal B.App.Sc (Ex&SpSc) ESSAM AEP (Beneco)



Designate your work hours and do your best to keep at them – it can be very easy when working from home to blend what is home life and work life which can lead to unhealthy work hours, resulting in less productivity that you think!


Set time out of your day to stretch and get up off your chair. In the office you are more inclined to leave the office for a coffee or walk over to a co-worker. Make sure you are getting up off your chair and moving your body stretching your wrists, lower back, neck, shoulders and sides!


5. Be Active and Healthy

Ensure you take a lunch break away from your desk! Go for a walk, do the gardening, spend time with your family if at home. Again, the line between work and home life can easily be blurred so make sure you are taking clear time away during the day – your mental health will thank you!


You are at home now so your travel time is diminished – this means you have more “me time”. Utilise that time to look after yourself. Go for a walk, do something active you love, read something you love.


Your mental and physical wellbeing is so important when working from home so please utilise these simple tips to ensure you can really make the most of working from home, both from a work and personal perspective!


Keep safe guys!

The IA Hardware Team.



For More information on office/working from home ergonomics (including helpful stretches) for yourself or your staff – please contact our friends at Beneco.


A little bit about Beneco;

Beneco are multi-award winners and leaders in occupational health and rehabilitation. Their team of allied health professionals collaborate with individuals, business, and government agencies with the aim of reducing the occurrence and impact of workplace injuries. For more information visit www.beneco.com.au.



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